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Dive Management for Scuba Divers

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A Dive Site Directory you would expect to find


    Large, uniquely detailed dive site markers with clickable icons for additional information


    Up to the minute rain coverage for over 90 countries, over a 3D map with bathymetric contoured detail


    Up to the minute Surf Report for every site, including your own private sites


    Find dives and dive courses from participating dive stores on BLU. Pay in-store or via the App—and unlike other booking software, we do not add a surcharge, so you are getting the lowest possible online price available

Dive Log

Cloud based, FREE and shareable with your friends, family and the world


Import your UDDF exported logs and map them to over 20k known sites


Track wear and tear of your own equipment including rental items


Click a log on your phone and remotely control a scrolling map on your Smart TV or Computer


Drag and drop your media directly onto your dive profile

Connect And Dive

Built by divers to support all levels from novice to professional


    Book your next dive or dive course, then rent your equipment—all with no fees or hidden costs


    Invite your buddies via email or text; connect with a scan; or find new buddies using a public profile attached to your favorite sites


    Use our Web App to see everything on a larger screen including logs, maps, schedules and chat. Uniquely synchronized to reflect changes and updates immediately


    Tiny QR tags that bond to your equipment—a simple scan will allow anyone to return your lost or stolen equipment

Not just an App

Our Web App is designed for a larger screen format—minimum tablet sized

See me?


Unique QR tag security feature for Pioneer & Professional Divers

  • Pioneer

    Certified Divers

    $ 33 per month
    • Tiny ½ inch QR tag **
    • Can be attached to any equipment
    • Guaranteed for five years
    • Scan allows anyone to contact you
    • Highly specialized bonding material
    • Additional tags are $10 each
  • Professional

    Working divers

    $ 0 forever
    • Dive Site publishing Rights
    • Populate Schedules and Packages
    • Template Assisted Outreach
    • QR tags are $10 each

— Proof of certification via the App is required for Pioneer & Professional eligibility
— QR tags for non-certified divers can be purchased for $25 each
— Nomination to Pioneer is automatic when certification verified—Professional nomination is performed by any Staff Member
— BLU writes event information to Google Calendar offering advanced features for scheduling

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Discover & Share

BLU is a cloud based dive logging App with the only Dive Site Directory that has detailed markers and integrated weather.  Share your logs with your friends, family and the world, and host Dive Log Watch Parties remotely controlling your logs on your Smart TV or big screen directly from the App.

BLU is FREE to use, and our paid Pioneer program, offers unique tiny QR tags that bind with your equipment.  In the event your equipment is lost or stolen, our tags will help you recover it without having to use old fashioned sticky labels exposing personal details like your phone number and address.

We have over 20k dive sites ready for you to map to logs imported from your dive computer. So what are you waiting for? Download BLU today and help build a better dive site directory for everyone.  We're just getting started and we need to spread the word about BLU; so when you signup we ask you to choose from one of the stores near your location.  If the store has yet to be fully enrolled it receives a notification.  Don't worry your personal details are safe as dive stores can only reach out to you via the App.

In future we hope to host dive expeditions and more Citizen Science Projects, so if you're looking for support to help promote and highlight your next expedition, please sign-up and use our integrated messaging to speak to Customer Service.

Want a signup code?

Find a local dive store, then using your email, we will send you a link to a streamlined (5 key press) setup of BLU on your phone

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